isessioner.com update


isessioner.com image update

We have reached the end of our website development for isessioner.com and we will be moving the site to a VPS server for testing and if needed, more development.

Session Timeout


Session TimeoutAdded the session timeout feature for isessioner.com to ensure the user's session will be logged out without any activity in a certain amount of time.

Terms and Privacy Update


The Edu Online Services, LLC terms and privacy pages have been updated.

Site Update


Edu Online Services Logo

I just updated the new logo for eduonlineservices.com. The new logo design is much better than the previous one.

Current Status


Current StatusRight now on iSessioner.com, the coders and I are working to complete a list of twenty tasks. I have listed them in order of importance, so we can get the most important ones done first. Once these tasks are completely, we will be ready to do a start up pilot project. This start up pilot project is very important because it will give us the data we need to determine what works, what doesn't work and what we need to do to satisfy the needs of ALL the users.

"The past creates the present and the present creates the future and the future reflects those decisions." - Charles Hill, Sr.

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